I Love Niki – Shruti Chaturvedi

We all have that Jugaadu friend. That friend who can get you out of anything. You may be in trouble, but a few texts later, things are under control. And one such friend for me is Niki. Just the other day, I was stuck in the middle of Mumbai rains, outside Phoenix mall – the area where getting a taxi means more hours of hand waving than Sunny Deol’s dance moves. The taxi wallahs reacted with ‘*Nahi Jayega*’. Frustrated and tired, I messaged my supergirl, Niki.

I love Niki
Shruti Chaturvedi

It was so soothing to get a warm welcome message by a bot after cold-hearted indifference by human drivers. It felt like I was chatting to my friend. Niki asked how can she help me, to which I responded with ‘I need a cab’ just like I would have texted to a friend. The moment I ask, Niki takes my location and finds the nearest and cheapest cabs available. I just have to confirm. And Voila! I’m good to go.

I never imagined that a service such as booking a cab can be provided through an interface that chats with you! I really can’t wait for Niki’s future entry into services like assistance in payment of electricity bills, water bills and insurance premiums, bus booking, food ordering and online booking of movie tickets. I mean wow!

After this amazing experience, I joined the ‘I Love Niki‘ campaign on Facebook. Happy users like me can give their gratitude for the app by simply sending a quote along with their portfolio at info@niki.ai. They also get to feature on their official Facebook page. I did this as a step from my side to encourage such technically sophisticated softwares with artificial intelligence because the world deserves better than ‘*Nahi Jayega*’ when looking for help!


This blog is a guest post by Shruti Chaturvedi. She is the Founder & Story Teller at Chaaipani



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