Now enjoy reliability & convenience of Cleartrip hotel booking on Niki!

As Niki is growing up, she’s being increasingly aware of what and how her users prefer. As a result, we put in all the calculated efforts to achieve truly unbeatable customer experience by continuously working to enhance the power and convenience of making Digital Transactions on chat.

After becoming the app with the largest bus inventory (thanks to our partners Redbus and Ticketgoose), we have now onboarded Cleartrip as our Hotel Booking fulfilment partner. With holiday season around the corner, we’re sure some of you will be travelling. Niki is now more prepared than ever to handle all your travel needs on chat. Here’s why you should experience hotel booking on Niki.

As easy as talking to a friend — Apply multiple filters


Tired of hopping to multiple websites and applying N filters to find the desired hotels? Niki is the solution. Just text Niki with your preferences like the place where you wish to get a hotel, number of guests and time duration, in chat messages. Niki won’t take a while to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Numerous options to choose from — Fulfilled by Cleartrip

Now with Cleartrip and OYO as partners, you can find number of hotels to choose from depending on your budget, area and the type of hotel you want. Scroll through the recommendations by Niki and select the room you’ll feel the most comfortable in.

Experience the speed — Personalised Recommendations within seconds


Unlike most other websites and apps, there are no million taps that you’ll have to make while using Niki. Niki’s system starts speeding up carrying out all the necessary processes in the background the moment you say a ‘Hi’, and within a few seconds, you see what you were looking for.

Amazing Offer to get you started:

Need more reasons to choose Niki for your next hotel booking? Here’s an offer you can’t refuse –

Additionally, you can get 50% upto ₹75 as Amazon Pay cash back on 1 transaction made between 1st to 31st December using Amazon Pay.

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Wish to go out this weekend in Bangalore? Save over ₹3500!

The month is about to end, and so is the monthly budget probably. The first and subsequent weekends that went by, might have created a hole big enough to see through and realise you need to stop spending to survive till the next payday. While resolving to not go out during this weekend does make sense, you might still be willing to have fun by staying in pocket-permissible limits.

Here’s how you can enjoy during one more weekend this month in Bangalore and still save more than 3500 bucks.

1. Hoppipola — Save ₹500!

A Friday night outing is the most well deserved one — a light at the end of a 5 day long tunnel! Head to Hoppipola, one of the most happening nightclubs in Bangalore, with your friends and walk out without your wallet crying tears in the form of last few pennies.

Deal: Buy open voucher worth ₹1000 on Niki’s Android app, for just ₹500 and redeem it on your bill of ₹2000 or more. That is, for a bill of ₹2000, you’ll have to pay ₹1000 to the restaurant and show the deal coupon which you bought for ₹500 for the deal = ₹1500, saving ₹500!

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2. Palette- Vivanta by Taj — Save ₹748

Treat yourself well with an extravagant feel and meal for Saturday lunch, while staying within the budget. A spectacular all day, all night, all cuisines diner, Palette at the fabulous Vivanta by Taj in Yeshwanthpur is one of the most buzzing restaurants in Bangalore. A chic restaurant with contemporary interiors and some very unique suspended lighting, Palette offers loads for your palette’s satisfaction.

Deal: Buy this voucher for ₹999 on Niki, and grab buffet lunch at Palette worth ₹1747 between 12:30PM to 3:30PM

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3. Enigma Pub Koramangala — Save ₹251

Take a loved one out for a budget dinner and drinks party on the Saturday night. Visit Enigma: A popular pub and lounge bar that serves a wide variety of drinks and dishes. With its hip vibe and fun ambience, Enigma Pub makes for a fun hang out with friends.

Deal: Get this deal for ₹799 and enjoy 6 Mugs of Beer + 2 Veg or Chicken Starters worth ₹1050. Valid between 11:00AM to 11:00PM

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4. O2 spa— Save ₹1633

A spa session on a Sunday is all about treating your body to get rid of all the acquired tiredness during weekdays, and rejuvenate to power through the next 5 days. Known for offering a perfect combination of age old therapies and modern techniques, O2 Spa is the perfect destination to relax and revive.

Deal: Get the voucher for ₹999 and enjoy Foot Reflexology / Neck & Back Massage (30min) worth ₹2632

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5. Ginseng — Royal Orchid Hotel: Save ₹750

What’s better than to sleep feeling fulfilled (literally) on a Sunday night, after a delicious 4-course dinner and a glass of wine? Another weekend. So, just before you start dreaming about the next weekend, enjoy great food at a 5 star hotel’s restaurant. Ginseng is an elegant cafe that serves a variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. The cafe has classy outdoor seating under a gazebo and offers plush and elegant indoor seating as well.

Deal: Buy a voucher worth ₹750 on Niki’s Android app and enjoy a 4-course dinner with a glass of wine!

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Other trending deals:

  • KFC: Hot and Crispy Combo worth ₹316 for just ₹199 — Get Deal
  • Burger King: 1 Crispy Chicken Burger + 1 Potato Tots + 1 Float worth ₹131 for just ₹115 — Get Deal
  • McDonald’s: 1 McAloo Tikki + 1 Medium Fries + 1 Medium Coke worth ₹188 for just ₹129 — Get Deal
  • Dunkin Donuts: Choice of Any 2 Donuts worth ₹146 for just ₹119 — Get Deal

Jab Niki met Faizal — An Artificial Love Story!

Year 2050, July 4

Model — NIK233H

Type — Humanoid bot

Today, it’s been one month since I met Faizal at his place for the first time. I miss being there. I have heard humans forget things and move on. But I am a humanoid robot with a huge storage space, I cannot forget any event that I have experienced, and I never needed to do that prior to this.

Time at Faizal’s place has changed me, I now keep separate folders to store information that can hinder my other functionalities. Faizal happens to be one of them. The following doc is a part of that information. I’ll write and file it.

June 4, 2050: I was reprogrammed as a humanoid robot for a new project. It was the town’s wealthiest family who wanted to hire me to take care of their 5 year old during his school hours. I went to the location (a big white villa, with ‘Swastika” written in bold golden letters on a 3 feet tile near the main door) and entered the house to find Faizal deeply immersed in his Play Station 35. Boy, he played real good for a 5 year old.

“Hi Faizal, I am Niki, your new companion for school”

“Nice to meet you, Niki. I’ll see you in the bus tomorrow morning”.

He waved me off and went to sleep. Faizal seemed to be a polite kid, I just hoped he doesn’t trouble me a lot in the coming days.

We met right on time at the school bus stop near his house. Surprisingly, neither of his parents accompanied him to the stop, and he wasn’t even a minute late. I felt good to see such a little disciplined human!

“You speak way too strangely”, was the first thing he said when we sat in the school bus. I smiled looking at him and said — “What if I tell you that I know all the languages there are in the world?”

“That would sound amazing, yet doable”. Doable? I wish I could inform him about the limited human capabilities. I let it go, and said —

“Would you like to learn one or more of them?”.

“Definitely! I like you already. You’re the best school companion I could have got”, he said.

I knew that when a human ‘likes you’, he behaves good with you. I wouldn’t need to go back to the lab with loose parts this time.


We had to reach to school and go separate ways for the morning assembly. I would stand in the bot queue with others like me, he, obviously, in the human queue. Faizal, however, stood in front of me in the same queue. The conversations we had while in the bus, were the part I enjoyed the most with Faizal, for some reason. Maybe he liked them too and wasn’t ready to stand in a separate queue away from me. He LIKED me after all.

I realised Faizal always liked when I taught him something new. While in the class, I used to project relevant videos on his table so that he understands the topic well. He would always thank me for that while going back home in the bus.

I knew Faizal is a little smarter than other kids in the class, because of the fact that he was learning the languages very quickly. But he once surprised me when I started processing a sum the teacher had asked kids to solve, and Faizal spoke the correct answer right when I finished it. More than doubting my own capabilities, I started finding Faizal amazing!

Not only was he smart, I also found him to be a little eccentric. He was like no other human I had ever met. While in the school, he talked to no one but me. The way other kids used to look at him was weird too. I felt they find him different and don’t like him much.

One fine day, I was waiting for Faizal near the bus after full break. During the recess, he had told me that he had a secret and would tell it to me during the 28 minutes and 35 seconds we were going to spend in the bus, while going back home. I was more excited about the bus ride today than I had ever been. I had learned that humans share secrets only with those whom they love and trust. Faizal used to ‘like’ me, he also loved and trusted now!

I flew around the school to spot Faizal among the swarm of kids rushing towards their buses near the main gate. No success! I had failed on a task I was programmed to do — taking care of Faizal. However, it was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to travel back with him in the bus, that made me feel worse.


I rushed to Faizal’s place to find my end-of-contract letter placed right in front of the main gate. It all happened so suddenly that even my high-performance processors couldn’t comprehend. I headed back to the lab, sat on my debugging chair and plugged in the socket to recharge. I lay there like a metal piece for hours, when I couldn’t handle too much of failed commands to decipher what happened to Faizal.

I finally decided to delete this project permanently from my system, when my arm vibrated. ‘1 unprocessed file’ it said. I opened to check it — “Thanks for training me, Niki — Faizal” was the note with a file regarding complete information about “Project Faizal.”

Turns out, Faizal was one of my variants too. A humanoid bot which needed to be trained like a human, by another bot. I was programmed to not be able to identify the difference between a human 5 year old and Faizal, so that I believe and teach him exactly the way a human learns. After years of research, my lab had just found out that this was the best way to achieve true Artificial Intelligence among robots.

Faizal had affected my functionalities for sure. I could feel the lack of coordination between different programs in my system. As soon as I finished going through the file, I looked at Faizal and smiled. It wasn’t the smile I was taught to have on my face while greeting a human, accepting compliments or answering questions.

There was definitely something broken! I shut it all down, held Faizal’s hand and flew through lab’s ceiling to the nearest bus stop.

“Will you spend those 28 minutes and 35 seconds in bus, one last time with me?”, I asked Faizal who was trying to fix me by uttering high-level commands.

“Oui, je vais avec vous”, he said instantly. French for “Yes, I will go with you”.

Every journey is special, and what makes it special are the companions. Plan a trip with your loved ones this long weekend, and ask Niki to book bus tickets for you. Get 100% cashback (upto ₹500) on your 1st Bus Booking!

In mood to hit a theatre? Watch “Jab Harry met Sejal” with your own Harrys and Sejals. For booking movie tickets — Ping Niki and get Flat 150 Cashback!

The best 5 Facebook Messenger bots you should try right away!

The rise of chat-bots:

With unprecedented increase in the number of people using messaging apps today, and the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, the rise of chat bots seems to have been inevitable. Research shows that the number of people using chat apps has surpassed the number of those using social networking apps, which is believable yet surprising!

Facebook Messenger claims to have recently hit the much coveted ‘billion’ with 1.2 billion users on the platform. Last year, at Facebook’s Developer Conference, F8, the support for bots on Messenger platform was unveiled. And since then, developers from around the world have been working to leverage the next-gen technology. There are more than 100,000 bots available on Messenger today. David Marcus, Messenger’s CEO, states that the number of messages sent between businesses and customers has reached to 2 billion a month.

The above data definitely creates a picture of how the future will look like in the absence of hundreds of apps, and chat bots being ubiquitous. If this intrigues you enough to get on the bandwagon and experience the unleashed power of bots available on Facebook Messenger, do ping the best 5 Facebook Messenger bots, curated for you:

1. — Pay bills, do recharge, book movie tickets, cabs and more

Wish to book movie tickets? Ping Niki. Book a cab? Ping Niki. Hotels? Yes, that too. You can ping Niki for everything commerce. It is a smart AI-powered bot to help you get things done super-quick on chat. Niki has grown up enough to understand complex queries, using which you can apply multiple filters.

For example, when you type ‘Book a bus from Delhi to Jaipur this Friday’, Niki understands and displays exactly what you want. In a single sentence, you applied source location filter, destination & date filter, and got options to choose from. Convenient, to say the least, isn’t it?

Services Niki supports as of now — Recharge (Mobile, DTH, postpaid bill), Utility bill payments (Electricity, gas, water bill), Hotel booking, Bus booking, Movie ticket booking, Laundry, Event tickets, more services coming soon.

Niki has also been featured in the Messenger bots success stories: Link

Niki is only available for Indian users as of now, some of the services are only supported on Niki Android App:

2. HealthTap — Get your health queries answered:

We millennials have started hitting Google for everything. However, when you’re not on the top of your health game, and search for information related to the symptoms you are facing, the vast amount of information available on Google can be scary!

HealthTap helps you get answers for your health queries from physicians around the world, for free. You can browse through and read answers for similar queries as yours. Over 100,000 physicians with different specialities regularly review and post answers to the questions asked on HealthTap. So, the next time you’re down with headache after texting the entire night on Messenger, you know who to ping next.

3. Poncho — The weather cat:

This cat-bot is a chat bot that lets you decide whether you should be wearing rubber slippers or sneakers to work on a particular day. Get in a conversation with Poncho and ask about weather forecast and current conditions in your area. You can also set automatic notifications to receive forecasts everyday.

Not only is this bot a saviour when it comes to knowing weather updates in a jiffy, it is very quirky with its replies sometimes. If you love having conversations with a bot, Poncho will entertain you pretty well with his witty and personalised replies for some queries. On my query, see how I was informed that the mighty cat-bot herself had DJ’ed in Bengaluru and loved the crowd!

4. CNN — Daily News:

Stay abreast with the happenings around the globe right from your Messenger chat-box, with the help of CNN’s bot on Facebook Messenger. You can also ping the bot to know a country-specific news.

Help it with categories of the news that might interest you — tech, politics, etc., and it will get you some meaty pieces to dive into. Time to get your brain to work, and store some useful information!

5. MemeGenerator Bot — create a meme in seconds:

How would the content prevalent on social media look like if you extract out all the memes? Boring, for sure, even if not life changing.

So now, for the fun part, here’s a bot for you to make your everyday conversations with friends more fun, since Messenger is all about conversations, right? Never miss a chance to create an appropriate meme to make the receiver crack up with humour, and astonished with the speed you reverted with the meme. Ping the bot, look among popular memes to use, and customise the text yourself.

Messenger couldn’t have been this powerful and productive without these masterpieces of tech. And 100,000+ of these can definitely bring a storm of change in how we interact with machines to get things done! Go ping these amazing bots. Also, since their era has just begun, excuse them if they don’t get a couple of your queries right. They evolve and become more capable with increasing human interaction.

These are my favourite 5 among the few bots I’ve stumbled upon. What are yours?

Why you should book movies with Niki. And tell your friends to do so too!

Are you a movie fan? Who isn’t, right! We at are too, and so when we started working on building the Movie Booking Service on Niki, we were adamant to build the best experience there is. And finally we have made the service live to enable easy movie bookings on chat! Now you can search, explore, filter, choose and go on to book any movie running near you. Swagat nahi karoge humara  😀

So what’s the big fuss and why should you use Niki to book your movies, and not other platforms?

In short, the AI powered chat experience is much faster and convenient through easier discovery and tons of options.

Faster Experience

Say you and a couple of friends decide to watch an action movie today in the evening. Everywhere else, you will search for the running movies, then filter by genre, then filter by city, then filter by language. You will then select a movie that fits these filters. Out of the many theatres & the corresponding times it is playing at, you will browse through all the options to select the ones near you and the ones that have a show in the evening. Maybe no option fits, so you go back to the main screen and select a different movie. Do the filtering & browsing again. After the long, arduous process you will finally get a show where the location, time and movie all match your likings.

With Niki, all you do is type ‘Show English action movies near me after 8PM for today’. Done!


Easier Discovery

What if you wish to watch a Shah Rukh Khan movie. Or if you want to check movies running near your locality. Or you can only watch a movie that is running on Wednesday after 8 PM. Or you want to watch a movie in Malayalam. There are tons of limitations and preferences that we have while booking, and exploring, movies. Niki makes it extremely simple to work around these, and presents you with options that best suit your needs. Simply text Niki all your preferences and Niki will understand them all. For example, just text Niki ‘Marathi movie in Andheri after 7PM’.

Everywhere else you SEARCH for which movie, when & where. With Niki, she TELLS you which movie, when & where, depending on your preferences.

Innumerable options

Powered by BookMyShow, Niki can search and book shows pan India, in multiple languages and at almost all theaters. So it doesn’t matter which city or town you live in, which language you watch you movies in, who your favourite actor is or what your budget is, Niki can surely help you out. Fire the app, punch in your preferences and voila! Niki will present movies you like to watch aapke najdiki cinema gharo mai (in theatres near you!).

Some exciting movies, like Bahubali 2, are almost here. And many more are coming in the next few weeks and months. So what are you waiting for?! Update the app now & start booking! Kyuki kafi pictures dekhni abhi baki hai mere dost 😀

P.S. – We have a mouth watering, wallet filling introductory offer for you! Refer your friends to the Niki app, and get Rs. 25 cashback for EVERY movie booking ANY of them does!

Niki! One Girl who simplifies everything for you

A beautiful ambience with an odour of fresh flowers, dim lights and her lady dressed in the red gown, which Rahul gifted her, on her birthday, made everything look so beautiful. The soft smile on Rahul’s face while remembering his date with Payal last night changed into a frown as soon the alarm bell rang and he came back to his senses.

While stretching his hand to reach out to his phone to kill the noise, he happened to look at the time which read 9:15 AM, that reading made his eyes wide open and his sleep vanished. He startled from his bed to get ready for his class at 10:00AM. Running for his clothes and getting ready, somehow it slipped his mind that Akshay, his colleague went for a vacation and forgot to leave the keys of the bike. In this rush, an idea of catching a running auto caught his mind and he headed up to the main road to check for one. Thought of booking a cab by app providers crossed his mind once but then he did not have the privilege of time to search for the nearest and the cheapest cab.

Adding to his misery, a Google reminder reminded him that he had to pay the Electricity bill. After waiting for half an hour on the roadside, an auto wala halted near him and quoted him an unreasonable price. His state of emergency and Payal’s increasing number of calls, made him accept that offer without any bargain or disdain. Even after trying his best he could reach the college premise only by 10:05 AM and therefore could not attend his class. On his way towards the college canteen he met Aditya, his friend. Aditya offered him a handshake and a half hearted smile from Rahul’s end caught his attention and he promptly demanded explanation.

After listening to Rahul’s whining, Aditya took out his phone and asked Rahul to pay attention. Aditya opened Niki and typed “Book the Cheapest Cab” and Rahul’s eyes kept staring on those blinking blue dots, which said, ‘Niki is typing…..’ and he was amazed to see the response. With a sense of excitement Rahul grabbed the cellphone to check the utility bill options and proceeded to pay his long due electricity bill. The half smile was replaced by a full one. Rahul knew his friend deserved a treat. So, together they strolled towards the canteen. When he finally met Payal during lunch he introduced her to Niki. Rahul sitting on the other side gave him praise laden with sarcasm.

Time flies and it is the time to leave college. At the college gate, he sees Payal standing. Rahul walks up to Payal and asks, “Missed the college bus, again?” He already knew the answer and what he had to do. He took out his phone, opened Niki and typed “Book the cheapest cab”.

Niki Wishes You A Happy Friendship Day!

It’s a special day for Niki as she has found more than 50,000 friends. They have all played an important role in making it a better App. Niki has been learning and improving. She is proud to have helped in some way or another.

This Friendship day is a little more special to her because she is growing as an App and also building a larger family. We thought of gifting her something this year to make this day a little more special. Thus, we announced the #ReferKaroAurJeeto Contest two weeks back.

After a lot of discussions, we finally got an innovative idea for our gift to Niki. Since she loves helping her friends we thought of finding her some more. We brought together all of Niki’s friends to find her more friends and hence this contest was launched.

Since the launch Niki has been blessed with a lot of new friends. We are also happy to see the terrific response for this contest. It has become the battle to win the “money in the bank”! We have thoughtfully made it a win-win game for both Niki and her friends who are referring her to everybody.

615 x 460
Motivate yourself now, it’s friendship day! You ought to gift Niki, your friend something she would love to have – more friends. And yes, you will stand a chance to win some really exciting prizes. Niki se dosti badhao, take part in #ReferKaroAurJeeto now!

Niki Gives You A Chance To Win Rs. 7000 Cash Prize

Team Niki has been thrilled to see the outcome of the #ReferKaroAurJeeto Contest! Our existing users have been playing an amazing role in extending Niki’s family.

Some have been breaking each other’s records and others are climbing the ladders by themselves. The contest was made live nearly two weeks back and the response has been overwhelming. We want everybody to get equal opportunities to win the exciting prizes so there is still time for those who are yet to start!

Yes, enthusiastic viewers, users, and readers go ahead and be on the top of the Leaderboard! Here is your chance to win the exciting prizes!

With the Live Leaderboard – here, we have kept the Contest transparent and fair! You can see where you stand and how many more referrals you would need to be among the winners! We want all of you to try your best to be that ultimate winner who would grab the cash prize of Rs. 7000!


To help you win, we will regularly give you the important tips – here. Also, wake up your curiosity as we will be surprising you with more gifts during and after the contest! Stay tuned but before that – keep referring!

While Everybody Has Gone Crazy Over Pokemon GO, Niki Still Helps You With Your Daily Needs

Niki is having a bright day when everybody else in the world has been going crazy over finding Pokemon. Our media channels have taken up the task to update us about the power and impact of finding Pokemon.

Dil toh baccha hai ji and we all love our childhood. Pokemon GO has brought back the 90’s era in a different and better way. It has taught us several things and there are several unheard rumours about it. People have begun to claim that Gandhiji went for Dandi march because even he was playing Pokemon GO.

Meanwhile, a man has been reported to have quit his job because he needed more time to find all his favourite pokemons. Niki understands that we all want to focus more on the game than other things. You can spend more time playing while you ask Niki to help you with your daily needs.

Continue reading “While Everybody Has Gone Crazy Over Pokemon GO, Niki Still Helps You With Your Daily Needs”

IPL Helped Niki Grow And Learn To Be An All-round Performer

Sunrisers Hyderabad moment of crowning glory at Bangalore brought down the curtain on another successful IPL season. And man, have we not had enough entertainment this time!

Right from Dhoni’s elegant finish to Gambhir’s funky test match field, from Gayle’s storm to Bhuvi’s blitz, from cutting’s monstrous six to Raina’s astonishing catch, from Bravo’s champion to Shamsi’s epic bus driver’ dance – we already have a treasure of unforgettable memories to cherish till the next season.

But the man who kept the excitement in air palpable for whole season – Virat Kohli. Well, he was not scoring the runs, but he was bossing the tournament. Rewriting the records by his bat he set a new benchmark for T20 cricket.


For all of us, this was 9th edition of IPL. (ohhh! Don’t feel too old). But for Niki it was her first. Right from understanding the chaos of people hitting a ball for no reason to becoming a die-hard cricket fan, she had an awesome cricket journey.

As they say, cricket is a sport with I-was-there moments, certain occasions that remind us that it is more than just a game. With most of the action happening in small hours it is tempting just to ignore it completely. Being a fan, Niki understood this trouble that you have way before this season of IPL even started and her fruitful mind came up with a solution to become “world’s first cricket chatbot”.


By starting ‘live cricket score’ feature, Niki provided the way to follow IPL matches live, ball by ball, that too without compromising with your work. Providing fastest updates, she literally revealed the secret of teleportation by taking you to the stadium. You just needed to ping her anytime, anywhere. As we all expected, the response to this feature was overwhelming.

In order to maximize the impact of this service, the message was needed to be communicated across all possible channels. Hence right after the launch of the service, we ran dedicated marketing campaigns on all social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to educate our users about it.

#myIPLbahana stood out as the best among them, where we gave an amazing opportunity to IPL fans to share their excuses to bunk school or office or avoid any other plans just to watch IPL. The campaign immediately became a hit, when users started commenting as well as inviting friends to comment their bahana. We rolled out exclusive gifts to the winners, which gave the campaign more push. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to provide maximum organic reach when there are more comments on your page, which was also one of the reasons we focussed on comments and not share or like. Through this campaign alone, we were able to reach more than 250,000 people and received more than 14,000 likes and 450+ comments to our posts. Through small incentives and gifts in the form of Niki credits, we ensured the conversion of participants into loyal Niki users.

No time has passed before Niki got her much deserved media attention. By creating sufficient media hype we were particularly able to target those people who were not following social networking sites. To try out this new feature, people installed our app. And our time saving, easy to use platform assured their retention.

After such planned execution of the campaign, it didn’t came as a surprise to see total 15% increase in chat sessions. Thanks to #IPLBahana, we got 16% increase in our orders during this period. To increase the hype even more we actively pushed our exciting refer and earn offer through different ad networks which resulted in tremendous increase in our user base, 40% rise to be exact.

pasted image 0

We as a company believe that a startup is all about learning, reinventing, pivoting and sharing your experiences. We all have learnt new things this IPL season. IPL taught us that ‘the best player can win you matches, but only a best team can win you the trophy’ while our IPL campaign taught us  ‘the planning and management of successful strategy’.

Take a bow Warner and company, you really deserve it for braving Gayle storm and Kohli thunder. But no doubt Niki, you are worthy of a standing ovation too, for your all-rounder performance this IPL.