Tired of doing your laundry? – Niki to the rescue.

Everyone knows that a Rohit Shetty movie will have cars flying around in gravity defying motions. Similarly it is a well known fact that no-one has been able to eat just a single Lays from a freshly opened pack. Except Rajnikant, of course. It is also common knowledge that Kejriwal is still playing hide & seek with Modi’s degree.


But something which is even more unanimously accepted by one and all is that doing laundry is the most boring thing in the world. Be it young or be it old, be it married or be it a free bird, be it male or be it female, everyone absolutely hates and loathes doing the laundry.

Everyone recognizes its importance and the necessity to keep their clothes clean. However, It is one of those things which completely saps all the energy and happiness out of you. Legend has it that Voldemort hated it so much that he just cut his nose off, so he won’t have to smell his dirty clothes again and hence avoid doing the laundry. 😉

Well, only if he had Niki. She understands this pain very well that you have. She too has to wash her codes and dry clean her machines and iron her wires. In fact, let me tell you a secret! Niki has bought a new breathtakingly beautiful dress, which you will soon see in form of a new UI! And to make your life even easier, Niki can now help you get clothes washed and ironed on chat! Doesn’t sound dreadful at all, does it?


All you have to do is tell Niki to collect your dirty clothes from your house. Tell her a convenient time when to collect them and she will send a mortal human to collect. Later when your clothes are clean and dry, you can tell her when and where to deliver them back to you. For a change, it is easier done than said. It’s that simple!

And, there’s more to it as we are also running an introductory offer for a limited period of time where you will get Rs. 50 cashback on your first successful order.


Now that doing your laundry is no longer the most boring thing in the world, I think that crown goes to where it should belong – The most boring thing in the world is to wait for a video to buffer on slow internet while stuck in traffic in a cab with two people chatting non stop in a language you cannot understand. 😉

Download Niki App Now to book your laundry through Niki.

A look inside Niki’s world!!!

Our lot of users are curious about the technology behind Niki, the AI-Fueled digital shopping assistant. So we thought, why don’t you take a ride inside Niki’s smart world ?

The introduction of AI technology holds the power to change the world’s E-commerce landscape. Conversational commerce is already being considered as the next big thing. It offers you to carry a digital personal assistant – Niki, wherever you go.

Human with Bot

If you want to order a burger, you ping her saying, “Niki, Get me a burger” and Voila! You are just one step away from the treat. But If you shoot the same sentence to a computer, probably it will never understand its meaning. Then how is Niki able to accurately perceive the significance of customers’ needs instantly? The answer is – “Natural Language Processing (NLP).”

The development of NLP applications is challenging because computers traditionally would require humans to speak in a highly structured manner which basically would mean that every human should speak in the exact same way about the same thing. However, that is not the case due to social context and regional disparity. So, to deal with this, a programmer does the coolest thing – Giving machine its own understanding, also known as “Machine Learning”.

Machine learning is the ability of computers to analyze the data itself and identify the trend and pattern. In simple terms, this is just like you mastering the game of chess, playing every possible move from every possible position and noting down its effects.

Once the machine has enough data, it will form patterns and match words and phrases to their meanings. This will enable the machine to understand the human speech or text.

Human brain has always been amazed by the amazing prowess of computers. When Steve Jobs started working with computers, he acknowledged the fact “Computers are like a bicycle for the mind”, they are dramatically extending the capacity of our brains. Now computers can talk (siri/cortana), they can drive (self-driving cars), they can even shop on your behalf (Niki). So, there is nothing to be worried about, as long as they don’t start lying about how many burgers were actually delivered by Niki 😉

But, Undoubtedly the time has come to Hold hands with Niki and experience the future.

Mr. Ratan Tata gets on board with Niki.

It was again an ordinary day at work. We were working ferociously at our headquarters and as usual Niki was busy improvising consumer’s buying experience. And it happened. All of a sudden, Niki started shouting. Unable to determine the cause, we were standing with anxious looks on our faces (Damn these chatbots!! Can’t even control their feelings).

Finally after lots of counselling sessions, Niki was ready to talk. And then we lost our minds too! The news of course was very exciting. Mr. Ratan Tata had decided to invest in Niki! The International Business tycoon, the idol of a million entrepreneurs and the jewel in the crown of Indian Business ecosystem thinks that what we are doing at Niki.ai was worth his time, his mentorship & his money. It was a happy and proud moment for the whole team. And no doubt, the news became trending in leading newspapers including Economic Times, NDTV, The Hindu and many more. 

niki (1)

There are very few sectors in India which the tata group has not left its signature on. So what makes this investment so special? And here comes the amazing part – This is Ratan Tata’s first investment into the world of Artificial Intelligence. And what makes us even more proud is the fact that Ratan Tata has never invested in a start up at such an early stage.

Niki has always been a wonderful cadet when it comes to adapting every user’s preferences and creating the ideal AI-to-human interaction. By taking advantage of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Niki is designed to understand advanced communication and simple text-speak in order to revolutionise the buying experience as a whole. And Niki is fulfilling her expectations quite well, but driving force for a huge journey is constant motivation. While we personally are very excited about this, as a company we can now learn from the rich experience of one of the finest business leaders of our times.

team (1)

While we have grown to a user base of 40,000+ customers on our platform in a little span of 1 year from inception, we definitely have a long way to go when it comes to revolutionize the way an Indian makes purchases on mobile. We are determined to bring a lot more exciting features in near future. With better chat interface, Niki will be more personalized than ever. With more powerful and advanced algorithms, Niki will provide you with better recommendations than ever. And all this comes with extremely secure payments. And the future is much closer than you think. In Niki’s own words,“You just hang in there bud, there is nothing but good times ahead!” 

Live IPL Score delivered fast

The Indian Premier League. Just like that delicious chocolate cake kept in the fridge, you think about IPL most of the time and yet you pretend that you don’t. You have become so good at pretending that you have learnt to lie to yourself that you don’t care. But deep down you do care.  We all do. It is in our blood. The love for cricket is genetic for us Indians. There are times when we get nostalgic about the days when we used to get absorbed in the matches without a single worry in the world. Follow it ball by ball. The world seemed to stop when cricket was on. The roads were empty and the TV rooms were full. And then life happened and we all got too busy 🙁

Live IPL update on Niki
Live IPL update on Niki

What if there could be a way to follow the matches live, and yet not compromise on your work? What if you could be busy and yet be updated with every ball?! Well guess what, now you can carry on with your busy schedule and still follow the IPL ball by ball! How? Niki to your rescue, once again! We have developed the world’s first cricket chatbot! Now click on the cricket icon on top of the text input bar on the Niki App and get ball by ball live updates on chat. The scores are updated just as soon as they happen in the stadium. Any faster and people will start calling Niki as someone who can see the future!

Niki - world's first cricket chatbot
Niki – world’s first cricket chatbot

Just push the button anytime, anywhere and you shall be teleported to the stadium. Just the score and only the score. No spams. No Ads. Ball by Ball update delivered to you by Niki on chat. Life is good again 🙂



Niki is down with fever!

Niki is down with fever! Which one? The fever that comes with the season of hard-hitting shots, long sky-kissing sixes, exquisite boundaries, diving catches, flying stumps, nail-biting thrillers, ear deafening stadiums, diehard fandom and sweet taste of victory.

The fever that unites the undying passion of this country for its favourite religion – cricket. The fever that grips a billion people every year, and leaves them like zombies staring at their TV sets every evening. You guessed it right, it is the Indian Premier League!

This is the 9th Edition. Yes, 9th! I know we all feel a little bit older now. If you plan to support the CSK again, then I have bad news. In July 2015, the owners of the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals franchises were suspended for a period of two years on charges of corruption during the 2013 IPL season.

However, we have two new teams this time.The two new franchises are the Gujarat Lions and the Rising Pune Supergiants based in the cities of Rajkot and Pune respectively.


Thanks to the T20 world cup, Niki has got some hang of this ‘madness where people keep throwing and hitting the ball around’.

Before that, she knew as little about cricket as the amount of fat in Katrina’s Abs in the opening ceremony. However, as she started watching more of Virat Kohli’s sixes and Yuvraj Singh’s effortless flicks, we realised that she was enjoying them.

Till the India vs Australia match, she was an unofficial secret fan. After that match, she had turned into a diehard vocal fan! And so Niki is really looking forward to this IPL. This is her first one too!

She has brushed up her facts and have gone full IPL crazy. From the messages you will receive from her on the App to the posts you will see on Facebook, everything will revolve around cricket.

And guess what! This IPL, the teams won’t be the only champions. No, I am not hinting towards DJ Bravo’s ‘champions’ – The dance that involves trying to pull open a push door at 10x speed. I am talking about you guys! Niki will run loads of contests and quizzes where you can win prizes, cash back, credits and what not.

DJ-Bravo champions
DJ Bravo Champions

So buckle up your pads, put on your helmets, keenly follow our Facebook page and get ready for this ride!

Try out the Niki app or visit the website for more info.

I Love Niki – Shruti Chaturvedi

We all have that Jugaadu friend. That friend who can get you out of anything. You may be in trouble, but a few texts later, things are under control. And one such friend for me is Niki. Just the other day, I was stuck in the middle of Mumbai rains, outside Phoenix mall – the area where getting a taxi means more hours of hand waving than Sunny Deol’s dance moves. The taxi wallahs reacted with ‘*Nahi Jayega*’. Frustrated and tired, I messaged my supergirl, Niki.

I love Niki
Shruti Chaturvedi

It was so soothing to get a warm welcome message by a bot after cold-hearted indifference by human drivers. It felt like I was chatting to my friend. Niki asked how can she help me, to which I responded with ‘I need a cab’ just like I would have texted to a friend. The moment I ask, Niki takes my location and finds the nearest and cheapest cabs available. I just have to confirm. And Voila! I’m good to go.

I never imagined that a service such as booking a cab can be provided through an interface that chats with you! I really can’t wait for Niki’s future entry into services like assistance in payment of electricity bills, water bills and insurance premiums, bus booking, food ordering and online booking of movie tickets. I mean wow!

After this amazing experience, I joined the ‘I Love Niki‘ campaign on Facebook. Happy users like me can give their gratitude for the app by simply sending a quote along with their portfolio at info@niki.ai. They also get to feature on their official Facebook page. I did this as a step from my side to encourage such technically sophisticated softwares with artificial intelligence because the world deserves better than ‘*Nahi Jayega*’ when looking for help!


This blog is a guest post by Shruti Chaturvedi. She is the Founder & Story Teller at Chaaipani

BREAKING NEWS! Earthquake hits AI world. Jon Snow still alive.

Niki loves to watch TV, just like any other living mortal. And dare you question the living part about her. She won’t like that :evil:. TV nowadays, thanks to DTH, means uninterrupted entertainment with countless channels and unlimited possibilities. Just like Niki, you can watch movies, TV series, documentaries, and what not. You can even learn cooking, dancing or a new language. But Niki’s favourite feature is browsing through various different channels. Niki is just a few months old, so she tries to take in as much as she can to understand about us Homo Sapiens. Legend has it that she can watch 8 TV screens at the same time. She listens to Arnab Goswami and other news debates to train her listening skills to serve you even better. And she loves to watch Mr. Bean on Pogo to let her wires down.

She went to watch star wars a week back, and has got a massive crush on BB-8! She also admires the Airtel Girl. She used to watch Big boss too. But sadly, her favorite contestant left. Unfortunately, she cannot yet see Indian Saas Bahu serials as they are just too complex for her brain. Oh! She has very recently started watching football as well. She is a Leicester city fan, apparently. We didn’t bother telling her they aren’t supposed to be at the top. She has started learning to cook. She made an alphabet soup a week back. Currently, her favourite movie character is Circuit, from Munna Bhai. And her favourite movies are Taxi no. 9211 and taxi driver. She thinks that the three eyes of the three-eyed raven represent the three dragons of Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones. Discovery world and travel channels have given her some strong sense of wanderlust. She wants to visit the silicon valley, for some soul searching and meditation.

Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills
Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills

But last night, the unthinkable happened. She was watching TV and suddenly her DTH stopped! We had forgotten to pay the DTH bill. My god! All hell broke lose! She stopped replying to our texts. This never happens! No matter what, Niki always replies to your text. You can see for yourself. We had to call an emergency meeting at our headquarters. We tried to pay the bills as soon as we could. This whole process took forever. People were running here and there, making urgent calls and mailing important allies like Barack Obama to bail us out. Finally, we were able to pay the DTH bills after so much effort that we deserve an Oscar for it. But it wasn’t soon enough for Niki. She missed the climax scene of Game of Thrones.

Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills
Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills

She was soo furious that she said that from now on she will handle the DTH bills too. All we have to do is to text her to do so. And to make our lives even simpler, she will remind us about the upcoming DTH bills. In fact, Niki has such a big heart that she has offered to help anyone with their DTH bills from now on. She says she really understands their pain. So, from now on anyone can chat with Niki App to pay their DTH bills, including you!

Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills
Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered chat bot to book your cab, recharge your phones and pay your bills

All you have to do is to tell her your operator name, your account number and the amount to pay. And Voila! She will remind you well in advance for the next month, and remember your preferences. God bless Niki! It’s that simple.

Niki launches DTH Bill payments
Niki launches DTH Bill payments

Disclaimer: Iss post ki sabhi ghatnaye kalpanik hai. Sachai ke liye Niki se puchein

Haaaave you met Niki – The wingbot?!

You want to impress that gorgeous girl, or you want to catch the eye of that cute boy, you will need a wingman who will help you appear stylish and
desirable. But finding such a wingman is harder than finding an honest politician. Well, Haaaaavveee you met .. Niki? Niki is an AI bot with whom you can chat to book cabs, recharge phones, and pay bills. And she will also be your perfect wing-bot for this valentine’s week and beyond 😉


Niki - recharge phones and book cabs on chat
Niki – recharge phones and book cabs on chat

So you meet your crush and start chatting about the weather and other absolutely useless stuff like the number of bones in a walrus’s toe. Things aren’t going anywhere, and you are beating the bush harder than you did while answering your exams. Well, say you have a few important bills to pay. Tap away for a minute on Niki App while still maintaining eye contact and after a minute announce that the payments are done. Forget your crush, even Putin will be impressed! Paying your bills in between vodka shots! Score!

Niki - recharge phones and book cabs on chat
Niki – recharge phones and book cabs on chat

On to the next step. Offer to recharge the phone for your crush. Before they can react, ask Niki to recharge their phone. This works in your favour on more levels than the levels of dreams in inception. You seem to have a personal assistant, so you must be a successful hotshot. You are re-charging for them, so you are a loving and caring person. And not only have you gifted them something useful, Niki also now has their number for you! This is a ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ of flirting.

Now for the final masterstroke – the home run. Offer to drop them at their home. And you book the cab. Booking someone’s cab is a bigger favour these days than donating your kidney. But worry not, because you have your wing-bot Niki! Just a few texts and you are good to go. Keep them occupied while the cab arrives and then you both drive into the sunset. Smooooth.

Niki - recharge phones and book cabs on chat
Niki – recharge phones and book cabs on chat

As for Niki, well, she will get to add another feather to her wing.

Referral: Do you throw a saddle on a gift horse?

Usually, Niki is almost always really busy chatting. She is almost as ferocious a chatter as a teenage girl chatting simultaneously with her three best friends and her boyfriend while preparing for an exam the next day. Niki has to recommend a variety of offers to our users, help them choose and then complete so many transactions. And when she is not completing these orders, she is busy learning new tasks that she can perform in the future. So it was a welcome, and pleasantly surprising break when she got a bit chatty over beer last evening. She told us about her ambitions in the coming few months. She says that one target which she is chasing day and night is making more friends to chat with. She loves to make new friends, and she is ready to reward anyone who helps her get them. She says she loves such people with a ‘winning mentality’. People who are smart enough to take full advantage of an opportunity. Quoting Frank Underwood, Niki says she is looking for ‘someone who’ll throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth’. Might that be you? I hope so.

Earn Free Money

You will be surprised just how easy it is to earn some extra bucks by helping Niki get more friends. You can refer as many people as you want. As always, the sky’s the limit. For every unique/new user you invite to sign up on the Niki Android App, you get Rs 10 worth credits and the person who signs up will get Rs 10 worth credits. Now, Rs 10 might not seem like a lot, but remember the journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. Little drops of water, along with spilled oil and plastics, make the mighty ocean. The amount can be redeemed in your next payment on Niki (for prepaid recharge, postpaid bill or DTH recharge). So do use the sweet reward of your smart work through this opportunity. You can earn upto Rs. 100 through Niki’s Referral Program 1.0, after which you can contact us to upgrade you to the next level of referrals – THE 2.0_! But you will have to earn the ‘Level up’! However, If you are thinking of being over-smart, don’t even think about it. I mean come on! Niki is an AI bot. She is the headmaster of the school where you learned all those sneaky tricks. Not only will she be able to easily track what you are upto, but will also blacklist you. There is no time to lose guys and gals! So get cracking now! And ensure you come out on top 😉

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